Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cafe Icon (AKA Tropical Cafe) Edmond, OK

Tropical Cafe was located at 2nd and Kelly in Edmond for over 12 years.  I had the pleasure of attending a luncheon a few years ago that they catered.  It was so good! I especially enjoyed the crepe sandwiches.  Since then, they have relocated to the strip mall near Target on Bryant and 2nd.  I have since visited their new location several times.  The atmosphere is modern and sleek. Very upscale, yet still affordable.  I will say you do not get a lot for the price. But to me it is worth it.

I am not a huge fan of sushi, however, this is their specialty.  We have had their sushi and my son really enjoyed it. There are many selections.  Also, the owner Patrick prides himself on the Hibachi.  On one visit my friend had it and loved it!

I give them an 8 on a scale of 1-10. Definitely worth a visit!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tao Cafe

Yum, yum, and yum. Another favorite! I was introduced to this place, once again, by one our students we were hosting. She favored it because it is owned by a woman from Taiwan.  Everything there is great! I enjoy the Rice Boxes which include your entree, an egg roll, and soup. They also have Boba tea. It is located West of Target on 2nd street in Edmond. Give it a try!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


You know how when in the middle of the day you experience something and think... "that would be a good blog post or FB status", okay maybe you don't, but at times I do... so here are a few.

Wahaha in Edmond~ We have hosted several students in our home from Asian countries and several have preferred Wahaha in Edmond.  I have been a few times and have always liked what I ordered. I especially enjoy the Crab Rangoon and black tea w/milk and boba... Boba??? These are black tapioca balls siting at the bottom of the cup that shoot up your straw. They have no taste, just fun I guess.  My kids can't stand them.  Sophie has a panic attack thinking she may choke on one.  Davis loves to spit them! So go try them out I say! Don't let the silly name of Wahaha deter you.

Monday, March 28, 2011

A cultural experience to say the least...

A few years ago I discovered Cao Nguyen.  All I knew was that it was an Asian grocery store. I decided to venture in to OKC and check it out.  To my surprise it was much more.  Not only did I find less expensive produce but I also found a fabulous tea pot for less than half the price at a local SUPER store in Edmond.

I will admit it can be a bit overwhelming the first few visits, and I'm not just referring to the fish smell.  There are so many unfamiliar items that it can take more time than usual to shop.  It is also HUGE!  They have a very large meat and fish department that is an experience in itself, especially for the kiddos.  They enjoyed looking at all the live fish and crabs, with their noses plugged of course.

I have yet to try their bakery items because I have been following a GF diet most of the time that I have shopped there.  They look tasty and that section meets you at the door so it's probably worth a try.

One of my favorite things are their veggies, they are super cheap.  However, I have read a few reviews that mention checking expiration dates, evidently they are not always the freshest.  Something I think is neat that they offer are cut up veggies for stir fry and such.  I have not had any problems but I will be sure to keep an eye out for the quality.  I plan to ask what day they get their deliveries....

So, I know some of my readers shop here, what is your take on the cultural experience of this grocery store???


I heart this place
I have only been 3x.
Because I am a cheapy I have only tried 4 items from the menu so far, and I love everyone of them.
The crispycado and the rancher are to die for  IMO.  The crispcado is a breaded and fried avocado in a tortilla with scrumptious toppings... I don't even look I just devour.  The rancher is a pulled pork that has been marinated and has potato pieces and a special topping of carrots and onion topped with white cheese.
I have also tried the quesadilla, that is amazing... putting any other quesadilla I have ever had to shame. Mainly because it is cram packed with fixins.  Their chips and queso are pretty good, although the cheese is very thick... no watery cheese sauce if you prefer that.

The disadvantages to BTT would maybe be the distance, if you live in Edmond, and the size of the place.  It is not uncommon to have to stand or eat outside at a picnic table.  For me, I enjoy the coziness of a cram packed eatery. I really like the atmosphere and believe it is worth the drive.  FYI, I have not attempted to take my whole fam as of yet.  I did bring David home a taco but it was pretty soggy upon arrival to our home... he only mentioned that in passing after he inhaled it.

Soooo, please feel free to respond with your pros and cons!

Going out on a limb

For some time now I have wanted to create a way to review OKC places to eat and/or frequent.  I am always up for a new adventure and that often includes eating out.  I also love learning about "best kept secrets" of places to go, and whether it is worth my time.  This new blog will review various places in the area by either me or a guest poster.  Stay tuned for reviews. Pass t along. Maybe you know someone new to the area? Send them a link. Can't wait to see how this goes....  Oh and PLEASE comment with your opinions!